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PSI professionals strive to be at the top of their disciplines. We offer employees the opportunity to be mentored and trained by the very best. Managers and senior employees make it a priority to create opportunities for staff to acquire new skills, advance their education, and empower them with upward career advancement. Helping staff reach new heights in thriving careers is a goal for every supervisor and employee.

“For me, it’s about loyalty and brotherhood. The company has done as much for me as I’ve done for them.”
— Justin Thompson, Coatings Superintendent

Employees at PSI are prepared each day to take on the impossible. From complex projects with tight deadlines to daunting engineering challenges – our employees work collaboratively to get the job done.

“The things we do are herculean tasks. We figure out a way. We collectively come up with the best plan possible. Time after time, we get it done.”
— Mark Davies, Facilities Manager

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