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Pacific Shipyards International

Locally-owned and operated in Hawai‘i for over 75 years, PSI’s expertise spans dozens of industries. As the largest privately owned shipyard in the state with a team of over 200 dedicated professionals, PSI has the tools, knowledge, and staff to complete any maintenance, repair, or service on all types of marine vessels, assets, and facilities. From our unique position in the heart of the Pacific, we keep Hawai‘i running one project at a time.

Pacific Shipyards International traces its origin to founder Fred Loui, who established Pacific Refrigeration in 1944 to service America’s wartime fleet. Having received commendation from the Navy for their services, Pacific Refrigeration grew to become the largest commercial ship repair operation in the State by 1954 when the name was changed to Pacific Marine and Supply Company, Ltd.

Beginning in the 1970s, under the leadership of Fred’s son Steven Loui, Pacific Marine began a period of ambitious diversification into new businesses specializing in markets such as Environmental Services & Recycling, Specialty Contracting, Tourism & Hospitality, and Marine Research & Development that each complemented and strengthened the core ship repair business that became Pacific Shipyards International.

A full-service shipyard, PSI is proud to offer clients a seamlessly-integrated approach to repair, conversion, and maintenance. All core departments needed to complete complex jobs are available in-house at PSI. Together with a highly-skilled labor force, experienced project management personnel and rigorous health, safety, and quality assurance departments, these capabilities place PSI firmly ahead of the competition.

As the longest-running shipyard in Hawai‘i, PSI provides clients an unmatched breadth of experience. A homegrown, family-owned company, PSI is passionate about servicing ships that support life in the islands. From serving the Department of Defense as a Prime Contractor to ensuring commercial shipping companies continue delivering fresh food to neighbor islands, PSI is here to serve.

Our Mission

Pacific Shipyards International serves, connects, and protects critical maritime infrastructure that enables our community’s way of life. From the Department of Defense to commercial customers and beyond, we support our customers with a full-service solution for maritime ship repair, conversion, construction, and maintenance.

Our Vision

Pacific Shipyards International is committed to achieving excellence in repair, conversion, and maintenance in the industrial and maritime community. Anchored in our island heritage and guided by long-held values, we are inspired by our legacy as a family-owned company in Hawaiʻi.

Our Values

Legacy: Family-owned throughout its history, PSI strives every day to fulfill the goals that motivated our founder in 1944: we dedicate ourselves wholly to caring for our customers so that they can continue to serve our community.

Commitment: PSI approaches every project with teamwork, determination, and focus. Commitment makes it possible for the most challenging of projects to be completed safely and on-time to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

Integrity: Transparency, humility, and accountability are critical to every facet of our business. Leading with integrity allows PSI to continue to operate as the highest-performing commercial shipyard in the state.

Loyalty: At PSI, every employee relies on teammates without question and supports each other without pretense. Built on the foundations of trust, loyalty to one another is paramount.

Our commitment

Over 75 years of caring for Hawai‘i

Just as our business has changed to meet the demands of the modern maritime marketplace, so has our community impact. Because we live and work in Hawaii, it is important for us to support and uplift the people and places who make our islands so special.

PSI proudly donates each year to worthy nonprofits and not-for-profit organizations spanning hospitals, food banks, agricultural institutions, youth outreach, and natural disaster response.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PSI’s 2020 charitable giving refocused the majority of its efforts on health and human services nonprofits.

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